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Your source for trees year round!

The Outback Tree Farm welcomes you to the 2023 Christmas season! 

We are offering pre-cut Christmas trees, and potted Christmas trees this year.
U-Cut will not be available.

Open Saturday and Sunday, beginning Saturday November 18 

Monday to Friday available by appointment. Please call 519-291-4754
Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm 

New this year - SWAT Food Truck - will be at the farm Saturday November 25, Sunday November 26, Saturday December 2, and Sunday December 3. 
Hours: 11:00am to 3:00pm 
Show us your receipt and save $5 off of any purchase (including tree and store merchandise)

See our list of new available tree stock under trees available tab.

The Outback Tree Farm offers potted trees and larger trees dug into wire baskets for transplanting. We can provide advice regardin
g tree growth, health and maintenance. We do onsite planning for tree landscaping to give you the best placement of trees on your property while considering soil type, tree placement and the finished look that you desire. We have over 23 years of experience and rely on this knowledge to best serve your needs.

Tree spading and transplanting services available.
Call for a price quote today at (519-291-4754) and ask for Tim or Christine

Newly featured to assist with your tree planting is a natural product called
Root Rescue.

This is a product that promotes root growth in your trees. Root Rescue's Transplanter puts life back into soil - but not all soil types are the same. Poorly draining heavy clay soils and free draining sandy and loamy soils require different planting techniques. Root Rescue Transplanter works in all soil types. Transplanter is recommended whenever you plant new trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, annuals or vegetables.

Mixing is simple: add 1 Teaspoon of powder to a 2-gallon watering can and fill with water. For larger plantings we use larger amounts. Simply water the root area and give it a good soaking. Once the specialized fungi (Mycorrhizae) are around the roots the transplanter will germinate and
attach to the roots. The plant will feed the fungi and the fungi will feed and water the plant.

We tried this product as a test last yea
r on the farm and had remarkable success! Call us today regarding Root Rescue. 

The Outback Tree Farm has bagged Chicken Compost available for $7.00 a bag or three bags for $20.00. This is a natural addition to your flower and shrub beds this spring. Stop by and see what we have to offer to keep your flower beds and trees looking their best throughout the season.

              We offer a selection of stones to be placed in gardens as landscaping and can make stone retaining walls for flower beds. Check out our landscaping stones on site at the farm. We completed a garden in town if you are interested in seeing our work. Call us for more information!

Planting trees to secure a healthy environment.
You can never plant too many trees!

  Address: 5290 Perth Line 86, Listowel
Approximately 3 miles east of Listowel 

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