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Tree Stock

The Diebel Family offers a wide variety of tree stock for sale throughout the Spring and Fall planting season. The trees are in various stages of growth from bare root to approximately 10 + years old.  We can spade trees up to 4-5 inches in caliper on the tree trunk (measured up 6 inches from the ground) a lot of trees are available as potted stock for easy planting. The larger tree stock can be spaded on site and placed into burlap lined wire baskets. These trees can then be transplanted to a location of your choice. 


Spring 2024 Stock:


  • Maples - both hard and soft - popular varieties include - Harlequin maple, Autumn blaze maple, Autumn fantasy maple, Deborah maple, Globe maple, Green Mountain sugar maple, Princeton gold maple, Sugar maple, Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple, Red Sunset Maple, Native Red Maple, Armstrong Red Maple, Emerald Queen Maple, Autumn Fest Sugar Maple, Flaxmill Majesty Sugar Maple, Amur Maple (smaller maple meant for town/city growth), Crimson Sunset maple, Green Column Black maple, Columnar Sugar Maple

  • Red Maple - Royal Red maple, Redpoint Red maple, Crimson King Maple, Blood Good Japanese Red Maple  

  • Lilac - Ivory Silk Lilac and Boulevard Lilac

  • Oak - Red Oak, Regal Prince Oak, Pyramidal English Oak, Burr Oak, English Oak, Pin Oak, Scarlett Letter Oak, Swamp White Oak, Skinny Genes English Oak

  • Ash - American Mountain ash, Green Mountain ash, note: Ash Borer does not affect this tree 

  • Birch - Jacquemomtii birch, Heritage River birch, Clump birch, Crimson Frost birch, Young's Weeping Birch

  • Tulip tree and Magnolia Tree (pink colour)and Japanese Flowering Tree

  • Kentucky coffee tree and Basswood Tree

  • Serviceberry tree- Princess Diana, Clump Downy Serviceberry

  • Katsura tree

  • Dawyck purple beech

  • Chanticleer pear tree

  • Linden- Warsaw Linden tree, Americana Redmond Linden tree, Greenspire Linden

  • Gingko Biloba Maidenhair tree

  • Fruit Bearing -   Wide variety of Apples, Peach, Pear, Cherry , Crabapple and Mulberry

  • Willow - Dappled Willow and Weeping Golden Willow

  • Coniferous Trees are in various sizes such as: Colorado Blue spruce, Baby Blue Spruce, Montrose Charm, White Spruce, Northfield Spruce, Norway Spruce, Weeping Norway, Vanderwolfs Pyramidal Pine, Pyramidal Blue Spruce, Austrian Pine, Mr bowling Ball Cedar, Whipcord Cedar, Scotch Pine, Hoopsi Blue spruce, Columner Blue Spruce, Globe Blue Spruce, 

  • Cedar - White and Black potted cedars are available in pots approximate size is 2-4 feet tall, White cedar available in wire baskets 6-10 feet tall (call for pricing and availability), Emerald Cedar, Green Giant cedar, Eastern White Cedar, Brabandt cedar, 

  • Juniper - Taylor vary in size from 3-5 feet tall(planted in the field), Blue Star Juniper Standard


  • Please note that pricing is based on tree trunk size and not the height of tree

  • Double ground hardwood mulch is available at $40 per cubic yard or Black Mulch at $70 per cubic yard or Plough Man's Choice Mulch $60 a yard (Has manure mixed in)

  • If you are looking for a specific tree, please call Phone (519) 291-4754, and we will see if we can source it for you

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